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7 Days Water Polo Cruise

           Our 7 Days Water Polo Cruise is designed to allow not only players but also coaches, parents, family, and friends, to enjoy a unique and luxurious boat cruise with high-quality water polo experience. We are flexible and can customize trips according to a different age, size and skill level of each team. We can even coordinate two separate teams to go together or join another similar group.

         Our Water Polo Cruise is made for all skill levels; from the beginners that want to quickly elevate their basics and also for those whose aspirations go as far as trying for their national teams. We certainly don't lack professional coaching and playing experience. One full week of personalized water polo training by some of the well-recognized former Croatian Olympic and National Team players and/or coaches will accelerate and prepare every player for an upcoming season. 

         Join us and get an unfair advantage against your toughest opponents. Be ready to experience the best water polo coaching available in Europe. Our coaches and players will also be in the pool and actively play with your team!

          This is definitely a new and unique lifetime opportunity to indeed fully experience not only the highest level of water polo coaching and playing with local teams, but also to enjoy playing our sport in the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. All of this while relaxing, enjoying, learning and cruising on one of our 18 cabin motor yachts or several 4 cabin sailing catamarans.

        Each morning we plan to anchor on a different island. Experience different blue shades of the warm Adriatic Sea and its lagoons, walk thru narrow stone-paved streets of ancient Roman towns. Each dinner is planned to be at a different traditional Croatian restaurant called "konoba".


 Mateo, Ivan and our friendly and knowledgeable yacht and water polo crew members cannot wait to welcome you and your team on board.


            You can't miss this affordable but yet high quality, fun & unique opportunity & experience real water polo, in style like never before.

     Come with us and you will be up for a real treat and lots of fun.

Don't wait, call us today as there are only handful week periods and boats that are still available. June is almost sold out.



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