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Our Water Polo Crew

Mateo Juric (39).

1998 NCAA Water Polo Champion (University of Southern California)

3 Time All American.

132 Career Goals For USC (3 years). 

Former Croatian Olympic Team Member.

Has Played Professional Water Polo in Croatia for 7 Years.

Teo Djogas (36).

World Championship GOLD Medalist, Melbourne 2007.

Member of the Croatian Olympic Team, Beijin 2008.

Current Professional Water Polo Player, Croatia.

Has Played Professional Water Polo for 17 Years in Croatia, Italy,

Greece, Montenegro...and still going strong.

Viseslav Saric (36).  

Member of the Croatian Olympic Team, Sydney 2000.

Current Professional Water Polo Player and Coach, Croatia.

Has Played Professional Water Polo for 18 Years in Croatia, Greece, Montenegro....and still not tired.  

Deni Lusic (48).

Olympic GOLD Medalist, Los Angeles 1984.

Olympic GOLD Medalist, Seoul 1988.  

World Championship GOLD Medalist, Madrid 1986.

Currenly Director of the Croatian First Division Club "POSK". 

Has Played and Coached Professional Water Polo for 35 Years in Croatia and Italy....and still very active.

Goran Sablic (42).

Currently coaching in France.

Has Coached 5 (five) different national teams as a head coach.

As a head coach participated in FINA World Championships and FINA World League with Japan and Brasil.

Be ready to take pictures with Olympic and World Champion Medalist(s). At least one or more people from the above list have agreed to attent our water polo crusie or practices for at least one day. Depending of the cruise period, availability of the above listed people may vary. Organizators goal is to have different player/coach for every day of the cruise.  

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